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Up to 641 euros to repair your new iPhone

Last Wednesday, Apple introduced its new devices. A watch, the Apple Watch Series 4 , and three mobile phones, the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr, through which the company showed muscle for the coming months. While the first includes important developments (from a larger screen to a platform for electrocardiograms) the new smartphones stand out as an evolution of its predecessor, the iPhone X.
Last year, by these same dates, Apple updated its support page and announced that repairing the iPhone X screen would cost 321 euros . Now, the company updates its page again, revealing how much it will cost to fix both the company's new devices based in Cupertino (United States), as the previous models.
Up to 641 euros to repair your mobile

Through its website , Apple has announced that changing the screen of the iPhone Xs Max (the most expensive of the three new devices) will come out for 361.10 euros. Meanwhile, if you need to do any other type of iPhone 11 repair that does not cover the warranty, be prepared to leave 641.10 euros. Although good, for that price, maybe you value the possibility of buying another mobile phone (or even three).
Repairing the iPhone Xs screen will be cheaper, but not much. On the company's new support page, Apple has revealed that you can fix your terminal in exchange for 311.10 euros . If you need any other type of repair, the play will come out for 591.10 euros in case it is not covered by the company's insurance. Regarding the Xr, the most "affordable" model of this new generation, Apple has not revealed at the moment the cost of its arrangement.
And repair other iPhone models?
On the other hand, Apple also includes the cost of repairing other iPhone models. While fixing the iPhone X will come out for the same price as the new iPhone Xs (311 euros in the case of the screen and 591 other repairs), prices drop considerably from the next models.
In the case of the iPhone 8 Plus, installing a new screen will cost you € 191.10 . If you need any other intervention that does not enter insurance, 431.10. If on the contrary you need to fix the screen of your iPhone 8, prepare 171,10 euros (381.10 for any other intervention). Then you can check, through a table, the cost of repair of the other models (to which you will have to add another 12 euros for shipping):
We do iPhone 6s repairurgently, on the spot and without making an appointment. The repairs we do are: screen repair, in case the image is not visible or the touch does not work well; only touch repair (screen glass); full chassis repair, if your chassis is scratched, dented or bent; Battery repair if it lasts very little, the mobile phone turns off and / or restarts; repair of the charging module, if the load does not rise when connecting the cable or does not detect it; repair of the rear or front camera, in case the image is not seen or looks bad (dots, spots, fog); headset repair if you don't listen to the person you're talking to; speaker repair, if the music or ringtone does not sound with quality or with an adequate volume; power button repair, volume and silence in case the buttons do not work or are broken; microphone repair if they don't listen to you when you speak on calls; motherboard repair in the event that it has been diagnosed that you have a problem with the mobile board; antenna repair, if you have any problems with coverage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or with GPS signal; Software repair if you have a problem with the mobile system. Parts and labor included in all the services described above. Software repair if you have a problem with the mobile system. Parts and labor included in all the services described above. Software repair if you have a problem with the mobile system. Parts and labor included in all the services described above.
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