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Laser technologies for acne treatment

Laser treatment for acne is an exciting new technology to get rid of acne imperfections. There are a wide variety of lasers available to treat persistent blemish outbreaks, and each year they are evolving more due to the increasing popularity of laser treatment. Most people fight this skin condition in one of two ways, although there are several other methods as well.
The most common method of laser treatment for acne is to use the laser to deactivate or reduce the sebaceous glands in the skin. These glands produce oil. The hyperactive glands lubricate the face and cause breakouts by blocking pores and hair follicles. During the laser treatment for acne, the laser beam penetrates the skin and turns into heat and points precisely to the sebaceous glands. After aerolase miami with this method, your face will not be so greasy and the amount of acne breakouts will be reduced.
Lasers are also used to fight outbreaks by killing bacteria that cause acne that lives on your skin. This side. Acnis bacteria occur naturally in skin oils, but too many bacteria can cause stains. Because it lives deep in the skin, it is not achieved simply by washing your face. Antibiotics are available to fight bacteria, but laser treatments for acne require only a few visits to your dermatologist, while medication must be taken daily. By eliminating these bacteria, laser treatments can provide lasting relief from the condition of your skin.
The types of lasers used to treat acne vary in their wavelength. The lasers used for this procedure range from approximately 450 nm to 1450 nm, and the exact wavelength of the light used depends on the cause of your problem. Typically, shorter wavelengths are used to attack bacteria, while longer wavelengths more effectively deactivate sebaceous glands. Today, many lasers can effectively treat both causes at the same time, leading to even more effective laser treatments.
Some of the many laser types used include erbium, CO2, diode and pulsed dye. However, there are many other lasers besides these. Eg. Used blue light lasers to kill bacteria in the skin. Laser treatment is a developing industry and new lasers are being developed every day to fight acne in new and exciting ways.
Many of the lasers used for acne treatment are also used for scars and for other skin smoothing applications. Because of this, they also reduce the occurrence of acne scars. These types of lasers are called ablative lasers; They work by removing a thin layer of skin, such as grinding a table to reveal a smoother surface.
Because there are several different technologies involved in laser treatment of acne, these treatments are effective against existing imperfections, future outbreaks and even pre-existing acne scars. Since this technology is not invasive, there is virtually no recovery time involved in laser acne removal and it is virtually painless.
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