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Technology gadgets that must be wireless beyond the iPhone 7

With the wireless revolution in mind, these are some of the technological devices that also deserve wireless treatment, not only to make your iPhone 7 experience smoother, but also to advance the wireless experience agenda and finally use the wireless connection. All the gadgets we can, for our convenience.
Wireless charging of laptops and PCs
If your smaller counterpart, which is smartphones, can do it, how much more can laptops and desktops do? Standard computers have a size that technological innovation could easily exploit. Therefore, there really is no reason for it not to happen soon.
Apparently, a tech company was finally aware of the long-awaited technological breakthrough and has taken the first step to wireless charging for desktops and laptops. An emerging technology company named WiTricity launches its wireless charging technology from Dell laptops. Basically, Dell laptops began this technological revolution in laptop charging, but it didn't win as much media mileage as the iPhone 7 air pads or cheap airpods charging capability for the latest smartphones. The wireless charging for laptops is in the form of a food charge that transfers the battery charge only if the laptop is located on it. It is very similar to the wireless charging feature on smartphones.
What would really be innovative is if they make wireless charging functional even remotely, just like Bluetooth speakers and headphones work.
Wireless external hard drives
External hard drives have been one of the arsenals to combat insufficient storage on your laptops or desktops. More specifically for those running Macbooks or Ultrabooks that have only a limited amount of storage space, not enough to have a full collection of movies. Although external hard drives have solved most of the difficulties with our storage effectively, what better way to make the experience a lot better than doing it wirelessly.
My Passport Wireless is the next step in developing the external hard drives we use today. From the name itself, you can sync, transfer and have your computer literally read the files without any obligation. These advanced external hard drives use the latest wireless technology media called N and MIMO wireless technology.
To simplify things, Wireless N is the standard for next-generation wireless networks using Wi-Fi routers. Basically, it is the technology that picks up the wireless signals from the WiFi routers. However, wireless N is much faster in terms of transmission speed. On the other hand, MIMO technology means more inputs, more outputs. Basically, it is an antenna that allows the device to be a transmitter and receiver of the data transmitted wirelessly. This technology enabled My Passport Wireless to become not only a wireless storage device, but also a Wi-Fi Hub.
My Passport Wireless is a little more bulky than the traditional external hard drive because it has a built-in 3,400 mAh battery. On top of that, it has a microSD slot and a USB 3.0 port for those who still prefer to do so with a cable.
Wireless HDMI
Watching a movie from a smartphone or laptop has already integrated wireless technology into the experience for quite some time. With that in mind, it's time we also have a wireless HDMI in our hands. This is basically the replacement of the HDMI cable that we often use today for our DVRs, Blue Ray players or game consoles. This technology comes in the form of an adapter that you can simply plug into the HDMI port of the device where you want to project your screen. This adapter then sends a signal to skilled wireless devices such as your smartphone, DVR, laptop and the like. Just sync it and you're ready to start.
Unfortunately, wireless HDMI has not yet reached the main market for reasons primarily related to incompatibility. Once developed to fully serve the main market, there really is no need to avoid receiving this.
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